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Euthanasia for your PetMVS Mobile Vet Service

Euthanasia for your pet is a difficult decision for any pet owner to make. We, here at MVS Clinic, support pet owners facing this situation. We offer a humane approach to euthanasia. We perform it making it absolutely free of any pain. While this method may be distasteful to some, it is the most practical solution to live with. We respect the situation that pet owners and pet lovers face when that final goodbye must be prepared for. We offer professional guidance and support.

We are ready to reassure pet owners that the way we conduct the euthanasia procedure is widely accepted. The numerous pet-owners whom we have served are pleased with us. We come to you and we provide you with undivided attention and special skills that will assure you that you have chosen wisely. As an important family member, your pet deserves the true Gift of Peace--euthanasia. Our compassion is always forthcoming. We, MVS Clinic, understand your circumstances and will be on your side as you approach euthanasia for your pet.

Your pet has brought you deep pleasure and joy. You have been smothered with unconditional love, during your pet's short time on earth. However, the time has come when a decision must be made. Consider it this way--there is no longer a good quality of life for your pet and there are no helpful treatments on the horizon. Therefore, our quick and painless euthanasia is the practical solution. Discuss euthanasia for your pet with us. At MVS Animal Clinic with Mobile Veterinary Services you will find a full service animal veterinary clinic. Our vets and support staff workers are trained, qualified, and proficient professionals who take immense pride in themselves and all that they do. In addition to traditional pet health care, we provide holistic health care natural options for pain management,acupuncture, herbals, modalities in traditional Chinese Medicine and other means.

MVS Animal Clinic provides in office or house calls for your pet. House calls provide pet owners many of the same services found in our stationary practices. Cats often find the home visit less upsetting than going to a stationary practice.

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