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Pet owners are increasingly demanding acupuncture for pets in Hillsboro and we are able to provide it at our MVS Animal Clinic in Deerfield Beach and also by way of our mobile service, which comes to your front door. We provide holistic and traditional treatment to all types of small animals. Our dedicated veterinarians are not only trained and experienced but they specialize in acupuncture and holistic treatments, which are trusted. Bring your pet to our clinic and discover why we are miles ahead of other clinics!

You just simply cannot go wrong when you choose acupuncture for pets in Hillsboro here at MVS Animal Clinic. Our treatments are designed to pinpoint and stimulate the acupuncture points in your pet's body. We master several techniques in acupuncture that include solid needles, hypodermic needles, heat, massage and other applications. There is absolutely no need to ever worry about your pet being in pain when being treated by our team. We put your pets at ease. Your pets will have no pain at all.

Here at MVS Animal Clinic, we have the extensive resources and the high levels of experience to handle all of your veterinary needs. Acupuncture for pets in Hillsboro, is perfectly safe. We have recorded effective results and no negative side effects, over our many years of administering acupuncture modalities, here at the MVS Animal Clinic and on our mobile facility. We use acupuncture for both simple and some serious illnesses. Our veterinarians diagnose your pet's condition, then choose the right course of treatment. We combine treatments for optimum relief. Holistic treatments include herbal therapy, acupuncture, healing touch massage therapy, alternative pain management.

Our Mission: MVS Animal Clinic's mission is treating our clients and patients like family, and sticking to our pledge to them, that we will serve all pets with the highest quality veterinary care.

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