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Acupuncture Treatments for Pets Palm Beach CountyMVS Mobile Vet Service

Our Acupuncture Treatments for Pets in Palm Beach County are much sought after!  Pet owners are now embracing acupuncture, having witnessed the great benefits, and the integral part which it now plays, as an alternative therapy for pet healthcare. Acupuncture and holistic treatments are having huge successes in the field of medicine. We urge you to develop an interest in acupuncture, and benefit your pets. We will deal with your questions, and any concerns, or uncertainties on your part.

At MVS Animal Clinic, our veterinarians are experienced, and are known as very comforting when attending to pets. Your pet is in excellent hands, when you entrust him/her to us for Acupuncture Treatments for Pets in Palm Beach County. Not only do we provide holistic treatments, we provide traditional treatments as well. Most animals feel a slight pain at first, but are relaxed and happy after a session of acupuncture. The benefits of alternative therapies are clear! Book consultation with us today!

Our mission at MVS Animal Clinic is: we treat you like family, and we pledge to serve you and your pet with high-quality veterinary care. We generally start a session by locating and the stimulating appropriate pressure points. Yes; we use needles, but they produce little or no pain. The smaller the animal, the less the amount of pain. Larger animals will feel slight pain. After the needles are in place, your pet feels relaxed and comfortable, and may even fall asleep. Acupuncture Treatments for Pets in Palm Beach County are a proven, safe form of pet healthcare. We welcome new patients! Count on our many skills!

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