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Hi, My name is Remu-Martin Ollivander of Beaubell. My friends call me “Ollie” and I was born in the Czech Republic on July 28, 2015. I am a cream and white male Persian of the highest lineage.

Not to brag but...I am a Champion cat earning my illustrious title from the Cat Club of the Palm Beaches, Florida, January 14, 2017. Now I am retired and reign over a family who I allow to bestow love and care on me.

I find it quite amusing to visit Dr. Debbie, receiving special treats and my checkups. This lets me maintain my enviable figure, if I may say. I have the suaveness of fine breeding so when I go into the veterinarian's clinic I receive the distinction of being allowed to roam around and investigate.

My throne at home is located in the screen room overlooking all of my kingdom and subjects! I watch the birds eating at bird feeders or jesters of lizards playing which is taxing but rewarding. I would say that my subjects are pleased with their sovereign and I will continue my duties for as long as I am able. This is my chronicle. OLLIE