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Pet of the month

My name is Leo. Leo is short for Leonidas, a warrior in the movie 300 starring Gerard Butler. You might say that I am a pet store reject who, after not being bought for six months, was reduced to a very low price. My Mom was told I am a Morkie (half Maltese and half Yorkshire Terrier), but no one believes that when they see me. What Maltese or Yorkie would be 13 pounds? Oh, by the way my birthday is January 3rd. I am 5 years old, which would be hmmm… 35 in dog years!

I live in a house with my “brother” Snowy, who is a Maltese. I’m very sad that Snowy is now 11 and doesn’t want to play with me very much. I am an unusual kind of dog because I watch TV; whenever I see another animal, real or cartoon, I bark frantically and attack the TV. Guests find this amusing, but my family - not so much.

I’m very honored to be MVS’s Pet of the Month. I’m usually a good boy when I come see Dr. Niedermiller, but if there is another cat or dog in sight, I get a little excited and bark like crazy. So that’s about all. Please tell my Mom I would love a little girl puppy to play with!