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Cutie Patootie

Pet of the month

I was pathetic. A feline throwout fighting for food and territory in an open field. I was thin and in need of love and care. It took almost a week of coaxing with catnip so my new family could begin the care I desperately needed.

My medical saga began at MVS Animal Clinic with Dr. Niedermiller, I was dewormed and dematted. It was determined that I was AIDS positive, but my new parents still wanted me! I also needed dental extractions because of an immune condition. Adding to my list of maladies was that I had food and flea allergies making me intensely itchy. Lucky for me, my guardian angel family took the time, energy and financial responsibility for my healthcare so I was able to heal.

Fast forward six months. I am now nine pounds with a pudgy tummy and shiny, fluffy fur. If you look carefully at my eyes you can see I have one that is green and one that is blue. My Mom thinks that is special, just like me! I am an inside cat now. The only similarity to the past is that I still get high on catnip everyday!